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SleepScout records conventional physiological signals. Sleep lab methodolgy in the home, hospital, etc.

What is SleepScout?

A wireless Type III portable sleep monitor for untethered sleep studies to assess sleep-disordered breathing and periodic leg movements. With 9 input channels, SleepScout surpasses AASM guidelines for Type III testing.

Why your sleep facility should consider SleepScout:

  • Portable Flexible Package

    Ideal for unattended home sleep testing and
    attended hospital inpatient testing.
  • Measure CPAP Compliance and Effectiveness

    Extended battery life for multi-night studies.
    Improved assessment of overall oral-appliance/CPAP compliance and effectiveness.
  • Wireless Technology for Inpatient Testing

    Wireless real-time data transmission to any computer.
    Easy confirmation of electrode placements (with upgrade).
  • Offering More Than Typical Type III Monitors

    Meets CMS guidelines, surpasses AASM guidelines.
    Flexibility to choose: ECG & EMG or EEG & ECG combinations.
    Differential pressure transducer for CPAP titration studies.
  • SleepScout for Dental Sleep Therapy

    Data collection of chin EMG available to dentists.
    Monitor oral appliance effectiveness,
    titrate oral dental appliances.
  • Perfect Fit for Sleep Research Needs

    Cost-effectively meets all sleep research protocols.
    Portable, so clinical studies can be conducted anywhere.
  • Easy Sleep Study Scoring, Results and Reports

    View & score conventional physiological signals with full PSG capable software. Easy-to-read report with auto-scoring of respiratory events. Compatible with HIPAA compliant eCrystal PSG web portal for seamless access to sleep professionals.
  • Cost-effective Accessories

    Compatible with standard sensors.

It is always the provider's responsibility to determine coverage and submit appropriate codes, modifiers, and charges for services rendered. Contact your local insurance carrier/payer for interpretation of appropriate coverage and coding policies. | Transmission distance varies based on the operating frequency and the building architecture. | Loaner units available for customers in the U.S. | Acknowledgments: This work was supported by Small Business Innovation Research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NINDS, NHLBI, NIMH) and the Department of Defense. | Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician only. | Crystal PSG, Sapphire PSG, SleepScout, and eCrystal PSG are trademarks and SleepView is a registered trademarks of Cleveland Medical Devices Inc., Cleveland, OH. | Sapphire PSG, SleepScout, and SleepView are FDA cleared to market.

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